Walking to keep fit continued.

I usually walk 50k a week.

Now if you follow me on Strava, you know I mean a month, as all my walking trophies are for that amount; sometimes more when I accompany my partner on a walk.

As I have commented before, I found a route that takes me 3k there and back, and which, with a few detours, I can make more picturesque and much longer by taking in our local castle or a stream walk so that is 15 k a week when I stick to it, which means 50k a month is easy. I may actually be walking 50 k a week with all the walking around the gardens I look after during the Summer. Whatever you are doing why not build in a short walk or ride and make it regular?

Why not get to know your area better, if Lockdown didn’t already bring the explorer out in you, and add another exercise to your fitness routine?


Who knows where it will take you?

I get inspiration for my crossover books while out walking. You can help my writing career out by buying a book on Amazon. If you choose the Kindle library, most of my books are currently free on there and I gain royalties for every page you read, so please take a look.


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